Student Announcements FAQs

What is the Student Announcements digest?

The Student Announcements Digest is an email newsletter sent out three times per week to the entire student body. The digest contains announcements submitted by students, faculty, and staff regarding upcoming events, lectures, and other important information for students.

How does it work?

When you submit an announcement via the web form or by an email list (such as the everyone-list) it gets sent to the SGA Moderator for approval. The moderator will accept or reject the announcement according to guidelines developed by SGA, available here. If accepted, the announcement will appear in the next edition of the digest.

Why was it created?

The digest system was created by the Skidmore Student Government Association in 1997 to control the volume and content of campus-wide communications received by students.

What types of announcements should be submitted?

Announcements about anything of interest to students may be submitted. However, please do not send personal requests such as "Need a ride to Boston this weekend" or "Bike for sale." There are several bulletin boards on the main Skidmore webpage for such purposes. You may find them under "current students -> student services -> community forums" or by clicking here.

How do I submit an announcement?

Simply visit the following page:

Log in with your Skidmore user ID and password, and fill out the form. Within a few minutes, you should receive a confirmation that your announcement was received.

When are the Student Announcements sent?

The Student Announcements digest and class digests are sent out on Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday nights at midnight, or slightly after. For your announcement to be included in that night's digest, the deadline for submission is 9:00 PM.

I did not intend for my announcement to reach students. What's going on?

Any email sent to everyone-list will also be sent to the SGA moderator as a student announcements submission. If your message is only for faculty/staff, please use

Can I send out a special announcement, separate from the digest?

Only those with specific authorization may access the class lists directly. If you believe you have an urgent, safety related announcement, please contact Campus Safety at x5566.

How many announcements am I allowed to submit?

Repeated announcements for the same topic take up space in the digest and are often disregarded. Please try to limit the number of announcements you send to one announcement per subject per week. To promote your event, try using Skidmore's online calendar. Upcoming events can be viewed by day, week, or month, and users can sign up to receive automatic updates of events of their choice.

Can you automatically repeat this announcement for x number of days?

You must submit a separate announcement every time you want it to appear. However, please limit announcements of the same subject to once per week.

Can I attach files to my announcement?

The student announcements digest is for text messages only and cannot accept any file attachments, including pictures or word documents. If you have a file that you need to make available to the student body, please post it to your personal skidmore webpage and then submit an announcement with a link pointing to it. If you're unsure of how to do this, some instructions are available here. The CITS helpdesk can also assist you. They can be reached at x5900.

What if I want to cancel or change my announcement?

If you wish to make a correction to an announcement that you have already submitted, please submit the entire corrected announcement over again. Then, send an email to with a request to disregard the first submission. Please do not submit a request asking to replace a certain word or sentence, as it is much easier to replace the entire announcement.

To cancel an announcement, please send a request to Be sure to send this request from your Skidmore email account. Please include the subject of your announcement, as well as the date it was submitted.

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